#SHRMI14 – Live Tweets

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You can check the Twitter stream of the SHRM Conference happening in Gurgaon


The Blessed Virgin's Guide to Catholic Modesty.

Copa Del Rey 2014

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Gentleman Saint: Saint Valentine

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The Catholic Gentleman

Ah yes, St. Valentine’s day is here again. For one day each year, the world turns pink and red, floral shops and chocolatiers turn a handsome profit, and candlelight makes a comeback at dinner time.

But buried and forgotten somewhere beneath chocolates and candy hearts lies a courageous man named St. Valentine. Let’s learn a little about him.

Life and Martyrdom


Unfortunately, the life of St. Valentine has been mostly lost to history, but according to the Nuremburg Chronicle, a huge book of history written in the Middle Ages, St. Valentine was arrested for marrying Christian couples and helping Christians escape persecution at the hands of the emperor Claudius II.

While Valentine was imprisoned, a strange thing happened— he somehow won the favor of the emperor. Because of his new benefactor, St. Valentine was well on his way to freedom when he made a fatal mistake: He tried to convert Claudius to the Christian faith.


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Twitter Tip

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Just when a caterpillar…

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#CampaCola on Twitter

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Two things that define you

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I happened to tweet this quote “Two things that define you. Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you everything.” and found a retweet from Steve Keating (@LeadToday on Twitter).

This is how an influencer can spread your content. He got 32 Retweets and 15 Favorites.

I am embedding Mari Smith’s Facebook post about the New Facebook Page Insights, which went live for all Page owners.

Tips for Facebook EdgeRank

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This is an embedded post from Mari smith’s Facebook update